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Factors to consider when hiring a cherry picker

You may think that hiring a cherry picker is simple, but there is a lot to consider. Find out all you need to know in the latest ACS Access blog post.

The term ‘cherry picker’ is a name that is regularly used to describe a powered access platform, a piece of machinery that provides a safe, quick and efficient solution for working on high areas that had previously been out of reach.

Cherry pickers play a pivotal role in the completion of tasks
within a wide range of different industries, however there are many different
cherry picker variants to chose from, meaning there are
several factors to consider when hiring your powered access platform.

So, in our latest blog post, the ACS Access team provide
information on all the questions that you should ask yourself if you are
thinking of hiring a cherry picker.

Where are you planning to work?

Firstly, it is important to determine whether you will be
working inside or outside.

This is crucial, as if you are planning to use your cherry
picker outside, you will need to review the terrain and select a powered access
platform that can effectively handle the surface. It is also important to
review the gradeability of your machine to ensure that it can cope with slopes
and inclines.

Additionally, the likelihood is that your cherry picker will
have to navigate through tight areas if it is being used indoors, so reviewing
machinery specifications is key. Furthermore, if you are planning to use your
cherry picker indoors you will need to select an electric powered machine to
avoid the possibility of poor ventilation.

Do you need a license to operate a cherry picker?

Cherry pickers weighing in at under 3.5 tons can be legally
driven by anyone with a standard UK driving license, and anyone who acquired
their license before 1994 are able to operate cherry pickers that weigh up to
7.5 tons. For heavier, more specialised cherry pickers, you must either undergo
sufficient training or hire a fully trained operator.

How high do you need to reach?

Reviewing the specifications of your cherry picker is
another key factor that must be considered. Select a powered access platform
that can achieve the raise and reach needed to help you complete the task at

By speaking to the team at ACS Access, we can talk you
through the cherry pickers in our fleet to ensure that you identify a machine
that perfectly matches your budget and requirements.

What will your equipment weigh?

Finally, another crucial question to ask yourself is how
heavy the equipment you will take up on your cherry picker basket will be. If
the weight of the basket is increased, the distance that your cherry picker can
raise is restricted.

Contact ACS Access for cherry picker hire today!

At ACS Access, we regularly support clients in a vast range
of industries by supplying them with our leading powered access platforms. If
you would like to explore the range of cherry pickers that we offer, check out
our powered access fleet

Or if you would like to talk over your options with a
dedicated member of the ACS Access team, you can do so by giving us a call on
01254 693 131.

Can’t speak to us over the phone right now? No problem, you can also get in touch with us by completing our quick and simple online contact form.

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Factors to consider when hiring a cherry picker
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