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Introducing our new Bronto Skylift S 56 XR

In our latest blog post, we want to introduce you to the Bronto Skylift S 56 XR and provide you with all the essential information you need to know.

At ACS Access, we are always improving our services to meet the customers’ needs and this includes providing market-leading machines!

That’s why we’ve introduced the Bronto Skylift; a truck-mounted aerial platform to help you work safely and efficiently.

So, in our latest blog post, we want to introduce you to the Bronto Skylift S 56 XR and provide you with all the essential information you need to know.

Carry out safe and efficient access with a Bronto Skylift

The Bronto Skylift S 56 XR is an easy and precise control system, that allows you to carry out your required job, no matter what the height is.

Reaching higher and further, you can perform multiple tasks using one versatile platform; reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

The Bronto Compass remote diagnostics will let you focus on the job at hand, with automatic levelling and variable jacking.

The reduced weight of the versatile platform also enables a reliable outreach of up to 40 meters, designed for easy manoeuvring regardless of the external circumstances. It’s maximum working height reaches 56m, whilst the up and over extends to 16m.

Ideal for industrial access, the maximum cage load permits 700kg with an extendable 600kg and a typical chassis of GVW26 t.

With high uptime, you will be set up in no time to execute your job securely, delivering efficient and profitable work as well as a safe return.

Bronto Skylift S 56 XR optional equipment

Equipped with various accessories, the Bronto Skylift will keep you geared up for your job completion, with a vast selection of optional equipment configurable to suit your operations.

The optional equipment includes:

  • Extendable working cage with hydraulic extension up to 3.7 meters
  • CW-400, detachable winch in the working cage 400 kg and winch arm slewing +/- 45 degrees (only for materials).
  • BW-1100 boom winch mounted in the end of the 1st boom (mechanical structure, electricity and winch).
  • 1100 kg material capacity
  • Ultrasonic collision guard with 4 sensors
  • B-RCC rotating camera cage
  • Element lifting system. 1pc capacity 150 kg.
  • Lighting rig, capacity 300 kg
  • B-WRC Wireless Remote Control
  • A 6,5 kVA (230 V / 400 V/ 50Hz) hydraulically driven generator.
  • Bronto Loadman portable device for measuring the bearing capacity of ground
  • Electric motor drive for the hydraulics
  • Round ground pads

So, no matter what your job height is, let the Bronto Skylift take care of your industrial access.

Hire the Bronto Skylift S 56 XR with ACS Access today!

At ACS Access, we provide a fleet of leading access equipment ideal for a variety of industries, providing you with an effective solution to meet the needs of the job at hand. Discover our range of truck mounted access fleet available for hire and find the right solution for you.

If you have any questions regarding our services, our team would be happy to help.

Give us a call on 01254 693 131 or if you can’t speak to us over the phone right now, get in touch with us by completing our quick and simple online contact form.

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Introducing our new Bronto Skylift S 56 XR
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