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Scaffolding or Cherry picker – which is better to use?

Every maintenance task has different requirements, so choosing the right equipment. Join ACS to find out why you should choose cherry pickers over scaffolding.

Most tradesmen have their own scaffold equipment, making it very beneficial for them to hire it out to you whilst they’re doing work on your property. But did you know it can cost around £400 for one tower of scaffolding on a four-storey building!?

Despite the price, Scaffolding only gives you a couple extra meters of height when working on properties. To cover the front of a block of flats completely, this can cost as much as £1200. 

At ACS Access we understand that sometimes there is no other option other than using scaffolding, but in many instances most of your maintenance work could be fulfilled by a cherry picker which can save you a lot of money over the year.

In our latest blog post we compare the two options, and explain why opting for a cherry picker may just be the more cost-effective and efficient option for your circumstances.

What benefits does Scaffolding have?

If you believe that your job needs something in-between a ladder and a cherry picker, then maybe considering a free-standing scaffolding tower is the right choice. If you think that your work will only take between an hour to a couple of days, but you don’t need the flexibility of a cherry picker, then a scaffold tower is probably your best bet.

Getting all of the home maintenance done as quickly as possible is vital when you want to sit back and enjoy true relaxation at your leisure. You must remember that arranging the right equipment is time consuming at first, but it can save your household a lot of hassle in the long run.

What benefits does a cherry picker have?

A highly popular option for working at-height is to hire a cherry picker with the experts here at ACS Access. We know every task you face has different requirements, that’s why the flexibility and overall reach of our cherry pickers provide you faster workflow and safely.

If you’re required to carry heavy and obscure equipment, then the bucket of our cherry pickers will provide you with everything you need to bring supplies with you to the working area without having to worry about lumbering them around with you.

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of cherry pickers with varying extensions and they can be easily re-positioned without returning to the ground, like you would have to with a Scaffolding or a ladder. The useful stability and reach of cherry pickers consistently prove their helpful use of reaching to high-up areas that you may struggle to access with scaffolding.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our huge range of cherry picker options, that are all specially designed for long-term use in many different environments

Our truck mounted platforms can be used in outdoor spaces such as buildings, football stadiums and industrial areas whereas our compact electric vehicles are excellent for indoor use. Additionally, our cherry pickers can be used for a range of external cleaning tasks such as cleaning gutters, installing gas flues and tree surgery.

At ACS Access, we regularly support clients in a vast range of industries by supplying them with our leading powered access platforms. If you would like to explore the range of cherry pickers that we offer, check out our powered access fleet today.

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Scaffolding or Cherry picker – which is better to use?
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